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Manufacturing Excellence

At UNISPARES, the production management and operations mechanism conform to international standards. We are geared with best in class facilities for complete product development cycle right from designing to packaging. With world class CNC and conventional machines, we meet the requisites for precision tolerances and excellent finishing. Our entire operations are managed by a team of high-caliber employees from different disciplines like automobile engineers, mechanical engineers, quality controllers, technocrats and workers.

We have state-of-the-art, integrated facilities for:
  1. Forging : All the dies & tools are manufactured on CNC machines to ensure that the products being forged should confirm to the required parameters and specifications and should perform in a desired manner.
  2. Precision Machining : The machines we own are well maintained and regularly inspected as per our yearly maintenance schedule, assuring minimum breakdowns. Maximum accuracy and maintained machines leads to increased production and high quality products. Our machining facility supports us to offer:
    (i) Conventional Machining
    • (a) Turning
    • (b) Drilling
    • (c) Milling-Horizontal
    • (d) Milling-Vertical
    (ii) CNC -- Machining
    • (a) CNC Turning
    • (b) CNC Milling
      CNC Turning
  3. Precision Grinding : We have a completely integrated precision grinding facility that offers to our customers, a rapid turnaround in both short-run to high-volume production. All functions of auto part engineering are executed with high level of accuracy. Our grinding facility is equipped with modern machines for:
    (i)Center less Grinding
    (ii)Cylindrical Grinding
    (iii) Surface Grinding
    Precision Grinding
  4. Stamping : Capacity at Unispares includes metal stamping and fabrication that provides customers with assured competitive and financial advantages. Our stamping is cost-saving, and competitive from a production perspective on new and existing parts and can hold most critical tolerances.
  5. Slotting : Slotting machines for horizontal metalworking, vertical metalworking and for universal metalworking supports for metal slotting capacity. All slotting activities are undertaken by trained workforce to assure adherence to defined specifications and required quality standards.
  6. Thread Rolling : Our thread rolling process produces parts & components with greater strength due to the cold working, thread pitch and better material yield. The integrated manufacturing facility is equipped for consistent threading and for high production and repeatability.
    Thread Rolling
  7. Welding : With quality of a weld joint as a critical aspect, our welding section meets rigid specifications to deliver products as desired. As a prime support to success of product design and a crucial part of product fabrication our welding capacity includes:
    (i) Mig Welding
    (ii) Arc Welding
  8. Heat Treatment : Our heat treatment facilities are self sufficient for most of the specific heat treatment needs in accordance to the requirements. All products being heat treated are checked & inspected at all levels of process to ensure that final product confirms the specifications. The heat treatment unit has Unispares supports:
    (i) Toughening
    (ii) Case Hardening
    (iii) Carburizing
    (iv) Nitriding
    (v) Carbonization
    (vi) Induction Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment
  9. Surface Coating : We have full service surface coating facilities for providing high quality rust free parts and components. All the surface coating & process are done in accordance to ISO DIN or any other desire standards. The capacity encompasses:
    (i) Electroplating / Galvanization ( Fe/Zn Blue, Yellow, Black)
    • (a) Dacromet
    • (b) Chrome VI Free
    (ii) Powder Coating
    (iii) Hot Dip Galvanization
    (iv) Painting
    (v) Chrome, Nickel Coating
    (vi) Dacromet


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